Jarvity: the Cold / Heat Force

If I could deceive the world, I would not have to fabricate a new idea.  I would only have to use an existing idea, repackage it, and resell it to the world. Perhaps I could convince the world there is a mysterious force that causes objects to get hotter and colder. I could divert their attention away from the common explanation that we all know as “temperature” and explain that an invisible force called “Jarvity” is responsible for things getting hotter and colder.

If someone tries to combat my theory by using the term “temperature,” I could just tell them that I can prove my theory by placing a cup of water in a freezer and predict that it will turn to ice.  Once I am able to both predict and prove my theory of “Jarvity,” I can then sell it to the world as a provable scientific theory. Quite possibly, I could eventually see my theory develop into a standard “law” of science because I convinced the world to completely disregard the familiar understanding called “temperature.”

Now let’s take this hypothetical situation to consider how Gravity was used to deceive the world.   That’s right, Gravity … a mysterious “force” that causes objects to fall and/or sink.  Forget about Density and Buoyancy. These concepts are irrelevant, just like temperature.  Today, gravity is most commonly accepted as a scientific theory that was proven long ago.  It does not matter that we possess the terminology and science to explain this repeatable and observable phenomenon. We have a scientific theory with a catchy name, which is more satisfying.  And since we can drop something and watch it fall, we can convince ourselves that we can predict our theory and prove it as well, no different than the cup of water that I predicted would freeze.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gravity is no more reasonable than Jarvity.  Both are just words used to repackage and resell existing ideas under the guise of scientific theory.  It just so happens that most of the world has been duped by this cheap trick.

Published by ArkBuildersCCMC

I am now a three-time published author in pursuit of a closer knowledge of truth. Each of my books represent time pieces, reflecting the progressive phases of my theology. If there is one principle on which we must all stand, it is to remain teachable. My passion for knowledge has led me on an undaunted quest for truth, which has required me to humbly identify any areas of inconsistency. My associations are not limited to any single group, organization, or denomination. Rather, my ministry has allowed me to establish multiple interrelationships among a diversity of Christian and Torah networks. In recent years, I have become more involved with local, underground circles, and I consider this to be more biblically consistent when compared with today's corporate establishments. Currently, I am working on my fourth publication title, Shifting the Torah Paradigm: Understanding Animal Sacrifice in the Context of Biblical Veganism.

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